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Worship Team

Worship Team Vision Statement: As a Worship Team, we offer a labor of love to the Lord, encouraging God's people to be active participants in the adoration and celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through God glorifying songs and lyrics, we inspire active Biblical worship in which our minds, hearts and bodies are united. Regular praise and giving thanks to Him is to our spiritual health as what walking and running is to our physical health.

MAIK LANKAU ~ Worship Leader  Worship Leader ~ Maik Lankau has been leading LBC's Worship Team since August 2007. Maik's love for the Lord is evident as he faithfully, and joyfully leads God's people in praise and worship week after week. Maik was born and raised in Germany, and started his first band at the age of 13. After successful tours with several well known rock ‘n roll bands, Maik remembered his Lord and the relationship he had with Jesus as a child. Maik exited the worldly music scene and began leading worship in a small church in Brick, NJ; and in 2007, he and his family joined the family of LBC. Maik has a deep passion to work with younger musicians, and continuously dedicates himself to the advancement of Gods Kingdom through his music and the training of the next generation of worship leaders.

  Brandon Eng ~ Brandon has been blessing the LBC family with God's gift of music on the piano since he was seven years old. He literally grew up on the church's Steinway Concert Grand. Trained in classical music, playing the keyboard with this amazing team since 2008 has opened up a whole new worship experience for him, allowing him to grow musically as well as drawing him closer to his Savior Jesus Christ.  Brandon attends Washington University in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri.  The team looks forward to college breaks so Brandon can join them once again.

  Austin Eng ~ Austin is excited to join this awesome worship team in Fall 2012, praising his Savior Jesus Christ through music, and filling in his brother Brandon's shoes while he is in college. Also trained in classical music since age seven, he grew up playing piano duets with Brandon to bless the LBC family. In his free time, Austin is always inventing and building something.

 Colin Lankau ~ Colin has been taking piano lessons since he was seven years old. He has recently joined the LBC Worship Team following in his father, Maik’s, footsteps. Colin accepted Jesus as a very little boy and has grown into a young man of faith. He has attended St Paul’s Christian School in Brick since he was 4 years old. Colin loves everything soccer!

 Susan Mangini ~ Susan has been attending LBC since May of 2005, and began singing with the Worship Team shortly thereafter. Married to Michael, her brother in Christ, Susan is employed as a systems engineer. She has been singing all of her life, both solo and harmonizing with other singers in the barbershop style. Since believing the good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ, that as God and man He lived without sin, which is impossible for her, mercifully and graciously has taken the weight and punishment of her sin upon Himself, giving her His righteousness before the Father which she knows she can never earn herself, Susan’s musical interest lies mostly in singing to and about Jesus Christ!

 Kyle McCallum ~ “Kyle with a Smile” as he is commonly referred to, loves serving the Lord, especially with drumsticks in his hands! Kyle always had a love for music, but the thought of playing an instrument never entered his mind until the day Maik invited him to play the tambourine during a team rehearsal. The tambourine was soon traded in for the congas – followed by actual drum lessons – and the rest is history. Kyle gladly, and faithfully serves wherever and whenever he is called. He attends Brookdale Community College, studying Music Technology.

 Ryan McCallum ~ Ryan has been attending LBC since he was a very young boy. It was at LBC that he gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1998. Ryan always loved music, but he didn’t gain an interest in learning an instrument until shortly after Maik began leading worship in 2007. With Maik’s encouragement and enthusiasm, Ryan soon began taking electric guitar lessons and hasn’t put the guitar down since! Within a few short months, Ryan joined the Worship Team and has faithfully been a part of the team that leads His people in worship. Ryan attends Monmouth University, majoring in Marketing/Business Administration.

  Elizabeth Przywara ~ Liz has grown up in LBC and started studying piano at the age of 5. LBC is like her second home, and she began playing for offertories during the evening services there at age 6. She came to know Christ at a young age, was baptized at LBC, and is so thankful for the strong family of believers she has grown up around. Liz has had a desire to play the keyboard with the worship team for as long as LBC has had one, and joined when she was 14. Liz also plays guitar and led worship for the college group SPUR while she attended Brookdale Community College, and also enjoys serving with the various children’s ministries at LBC. She is now at Montclair State University pursuing a degree in Music Education, but is still close enough to home to enjoy coming back to LBC to play when she can.

  Ray Rasa ~ Ray, the team's bass player, was born into a family of musicians in Brooklyn, NY. Ray studied trumpet at the age of 10 and was inspired to start playing bass guitar by his uncle, a Broadway and jazz musician. Ray studied music at the Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y. and has played from Memphis to New Jersey with various blues and classic rock bands. For the past five years Ray has been a part of the worship team at LBC.  His love for the Lord began in his early life attending Catholic school and continues with his commitment to spreading the Word and joy of Jesus Christ. Ray says that the opportunity to be a part of the praise team and to "make a joyful noise for the Lord" is a very special privilege as he gets to see the joy that Christ delivers in the faces of the congregation each week.

  Koleen Singerline ~ Koleen has attended LBC for over 25 years. She has been a part of the music ministry since she started attending the Church. She grew up singing with her three sisters in a loving Christian home. Koleen lives with her husband Rich and has four children and three grandchildren. She uses her love of music to express her love for God and is grateful to be able to share in the music ministry.

TEAM MEMBERS whose bio's & pictures will be added soon include:

Ethan Rarig ~ Percussionist 
Rob Terracciano ~ guitarist & vocalist

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